Faithful Friends





Welcome to the Doggie Style section. Allow me to introduce you to my beautiful puppies: Loulou (Liver parti Schnauzer), Kokó (Maltipoo), Leo (Leonidas, black lab) and Aries (Boxer). They are all spoiled, loved, full of energy and with a story of their own.

Loulou is about to have her 4th birthday in September. She arrived at our home at 8 weeks and has been a beautiful blessing. She is temperamental, possessive but very sweet, intelligent and just like her human mom(me), she love loves necklaces. She has many, of many colors and different stones that I will be showcasing in my site soon. Loulou has been my inspiration for designing doggie collars and necklaces for our beloved puppy kids. Be sure to keep an eye out for their showcasing on this site!

Kokó is almost three years of age. He was rescued from Colombia in South America. When we brought him home he was sick, full of ticks, hungry and scared. He is very loved now and has the most beautiful face you’ve ever seen in a maltipoo!

Kokó now lives happily in our home, is loved by everyone and plays all day with the rest of our puppies.

Be sure to watch this section of my site in which I will be showing how I groom our puppies, the products I use and other tips to help them have a happy and healthy life.

Thanks for allowing me to share with you!



My Beauty Secrets




Hi everyone!

As always, happy to share all the details of my shopping experiences. Today I will share my trip to the mall. My objective: To find the LE BLANC DE CHANEL MULTI-USE ILLUMINATING BASE.

I found it in Nordstrom for $45.00. This pre-base is very much in fashion today and it’s used to give your make up a better finish. I love that you just need a small dab and you are ready to go. This wonderful pre-base goes on to your skin beautifully and I can’t stop thinking that it’s the mythical Chanel brand!

Many girls apply it with a brush. I personally use my fingers because it gives me an opportunity to sneak a massage to my skin. I do this massages in circular form starting from the bottom up. If I have dark circles under my eyes after a particular bad night of sleep I may even use it as a corrector to hide my fatigue. It has worked great for me.

Tip: I’ve also seen it at Amazon and Bonton online. Great prices and you can have it shipped to your doorstep. It’s great!

Have a beautiful day!